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Neuronal Oscillations Group

Neuronal oscillation and attention


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The next lab-meeting will be on Tuesday December 4th, 11:00 @ 90 Vincent Drive



Upcoming sessions:



Tuesday 18/12 11 am: *Christmas treats and jumper session* Sang-Hoon Yeo:


"Low-Intensity Focused Ultrasound on Frontal Eye Field Modulates Human Saccade Behavior."




- 2019 -


Tuesday 08/01 11 am Petra Fischer:


"Cortico-basal ganglia gamma coupling and beta oscillations during movement initiation and inhibition."




Previous sessions:


- 2018 -



Tuesday 04/12 11 am Oscar Ferrante:


"Statistical learning in visual attention: what is the role of brain oscillations?"



Tuesday 27/11 11 am Sophie Hardy:


"Building language: Investigating the neural processes involved in syntactic binding."



Tuesday 20/11 13:00 Penny (Penelope) Lewis:


"Sleep, semantic memory and creative problem solving."



Tuesday 13/11 11 am Linda Drijvers:


"Selective routing and integration of speech and gestural information studied by rapid invisible frequency tagging."



Tuesday 30/10 11 am Wieske van Zoest:


"Neural signatures of visual control, measuring eye movements and EEG/ MEG"



Tuesday 23/10 11 am Penny (Penelope) Lewis (postponed):


"Sleep, semantic memory, and creative problem solving."



Tuesday 16/10 11 am Poppy Sharp:


"Modulation of alpha frequency by temporal processing goals and spatial attention."



Tuesday 02/10 11:30 Benedikt Zoefel:


"Oscillatory processes in the auditory system"



Tuesday 11/09 10 am Yali Pan:


"Oscillatory activity underlying parafoveal reading"



Tuesday 04/09 10 am Geoff Brookshire:


"Temporal prediction in perception and language comprehension."



Tuesday 21/08 11 am Ole Jensen:


"FLUX pipeline: TFRs and multitapers." See also our Wiki page on calculating time-frequency representations of power using multitapers.



Tuesday 14/08 11 am Ole Jensen:


FLUX pipeline: 'time-frequency analysis; basics + FLUX'



Tuesday 09/08 11 am Ole Jensen:


FLUX pipeline: 'planar gradiometers and magnetometers & event-related fields'



Tuesday 07/08 11 am Ole Jensen:


'MEG analysis: How to get rolling with Fieldtrip using our FLUX pipeline'



Tuesday 31/07 11 am Alexander Zhigalov:


'Phase coding in the visual system: neuronal processing coordinated by brain oscillations'



Tuesday 24/07 11 am Kelly Garner:


'The role of cortical asynchrony during contextually driven behavioural variability: sensory likelihoods or optimal inference?'



Tuesday 17/07 11 am Oscar Ferrante:


'Statistical learning of target selection and distractor filtering.'



Tuesday 10/07, 11 am Andrew Corcoran:


'Savitzky-Golay filtering to improve individual alpha frequency estimation'



Tuesday 03/07 11 am Anagh Pathak:


'A toy model of Cross Frequency Coupling'



Tuesday 26/06, 11 am Ana Pesquita:


'People Watching: Brain oscillatory mechanisms of social perception.'



Tuesday 19/06, 11 am Katharina Duecker:


'Entrainment of neuronal gamma-oscillations using rapid frequency tagging.'



Tuesday 19/06, 11 am Tara van Viegen:


'Oscillatory power dynamics and behavioural adjustments after commission errors.'



Wednesday 06/06, 09:30 am Rachel Upthegrove:


'Prediction in Auditory Verbal Hallucinations, a mixed methods study in young people who hear voices. Grant development’.



Tuesday 29/05, 11 am Tjerk Gutteling:


'Frequency tagging in MEG studies.'



Tuesday 22/05, 12 pm Elisabet Alzueta:


'Beyond the self: the role of attention in self-face perception'.



Tuesday 22/05, 11 am Robert Seymour:


'Dysregulated local oscillatory connectivity of the visual system in autism spectrum disorder'.



Tuesday 15/05, 11 am Sean Fallon:


'Clearing the mind of irrelevant information: Differential effects of reward, drugs and Parkinson’s disease'.



Tuesday 01/05, 10 am Uta Noppeney:


'The neural dynamics of Bayesian Causal Inference'.