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Neuronal oscillation and attention


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The next scheduled training session will be Tuesday May 26th @ 11  pm.

For the time being our training sessions will take place on Zoom. Please keep an eye on your emails for the Zoom invitation links.


Upcoming sessions:

Tuesday  26/05       11 am     Tamas Minarik:

 "Understanding decision-making in the brain of mice"

Working collaboratively with the International Brain Laboratory Behavioral Data Portal.

Friday  29/05      1 pm    Computational neuroscience session 6:      

"A network model for pyramidal-interneuron gamma (PING)'


Tuesday  02/06       11 am     Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen (Donders Institute Nijmegen):

 Q&A in response to the journal club discussion about the paper: "Comparison of beamformer implementations for MEG source localization." BioRxiv, 795799.  

Date t.b.a.:                 The FAIR principles of open science

Discussion on the FAIR principles of open science:

Date t.b.a.:                Valeria Bekhtereva (University of Leipzich):

"Steady-state visual evoked potentials as the neural signature of emotional content extraction from rapid visual streams"

Previous sessions:

Friday  22/05      1 pm    Computational neuroscience session 5:      

"Gamma synchronization in multi-neuron networks"

Tuesday  19/05         Anne Kosem:

"Neural entrainment influences perceived speech content"

Friday  15/05            Computational neuroscience session 4:      

"Synaptic communication (AMPA, NMDA and GABA) and network models"

Thursday 14/05       Ole Jensen:

 "Computational models for gamma entrainment and echoes"

Tuesday  05/05       Ole Jensen:

"Funding idea: saccadic pre-viewing during viewing and reading"

Friday  01/05          Computational neuroscience session 3: 

"The Izhikevich model spiking-model"

Tuesday  28/04      Andrew Furman:

"Discovery and Validation of Peak Alpha Frequency as a Pain Sensitivity Biomarker"

Friday 24/04:          Computational neuroscience session 2:

"The birth of computational neuroscience: The Hodgkin Huxley model"

Tuesday  21/04      Rodolfo Solís-Vivanco - Universidad Nacional Autonóma de México:

"New insights on the ventral attention network: Active suppression and involuntary recruitment during a bimodal task."

Friday 17/04:          Computational neuroscience session 1:

"Computational neuroscience session 1: Solving ordinary differential equations using the SIR and SEIR models as example"

Tuesday 07/04       Til Ole Berhgmann - Leibniz Institute for Resilience Research:

Til Ole Begmann from Leibniz Institute for Resilience Research will Zoom in to talk about his recently published paper:

Bergmann, T. O., Lieb, A., Zrenner, C., & Ziemann, U. (2019). Pulsed Facilitation of Corticospinal Excitability by the Sensorimotor μ-Alpha Rhythm. The Journal of Neuroscience, 39(50), 10034 LP – 10043.

Thursday 02/04      Saskia Haegens:

"Oscillatory building blocks underlying perception & cognition"

Tuesday 31/03        Ole Jensen:

"Beauty from simplicity: chaotic attractors and self-similarity in the logistic map."

Wednesday 25/03     Tzvetan Popov, Geoff Brookshire, Yali Pan:

"Saccades and alpha oscillations"

Tuesday 03/03        Jan Weber: 

"Information processing during the transition from wake to sleep."

Tuesday 25/02       Tara Ghafari:

"Is suppression of visual distractors driven by auditory targets?"

Tuesday 18/02    

"How to do cross correlation analysis with MEG data"

Tuesday 11/02       JeYoung Jung (University of Nottingham):

"The neural mechanism of semantic cognition and its plasticity"


Tuesday 04/03    

Discussion towards ethical conduct in science (Leiden-, Birbaumer-, & Diederik Stapel-case, and/or other relevant cases will be discussed).

Before the meeting, please get acquainted with the report distributed by email and the following statement from Leiden University:

Tuesday 28/01     Oscar Ferrante: 

"Statistical learning is expressed in early visual cortex"

Tuesday 21/01     Marion Brickwedde: 

"Application of Rapid Frequency Tagging for Brain Computer Interfaces with Optically Pumped Magnetometers"

Tuesday 07/01      Overview of the new year and any prefered items to be discussed.

- 2019 -

Tuesday 10/12 11:00 - 13:30 am:    Distractor inhibition workshop - 52 PR - Lecture theater 1

11:00 -11:20       Ole Jensen                    “Working memory, distractor suppression & alpha rhythm”

11:20-11:40        Oscar Ferrante             “A quick review on target selection & alpha rhythm”

11:40-11:50                                  Coffee break

11:50-12:20        Tjerk Gutteling              “Load theory & alpha rhythm”

12:20-12:50        Clayton Hickey              “Eye movements, distractor suppression & alpha rhythm”

12:50-13:00                                  Coffee break

13:00-13:30        Ali Mazaheri                  “Target/distractor similarity & alpha rhythm”

Wednesday 04/12  11:30 - 09:30 am:     Yulia Bezsudnova:


“OPM. Nonlinear magneto-optical rotation of the light.”

Wednesday 27/11 11:00 am     Peter Kok:


"Prior expectations modulate early sensory representations" 

Tuesday 12/11 11:00 am     Geoff Brookshire:


Today we will be discussing the following two papers, please read before attending the meeting:

Lakatos, P., Gross, J., & Thut, G. (2019). A New Unifying Account of the Roles of Neuronal Entrainment. Current Biology, 29(18), R890–R905.

Obleser, J., & Kayser, C. (2019). Neural Entrainment and Attentional Selection in the Listening Brain. Trends in cognitive sciences.

Tuesday 12/11 11:00 am     Nicholas Myers:


"Neural markers of use-dependent working memory maintenance"

Tuesday 05/11 11:00 am     Sophie Hardy:


"Syntactic binding during language comprehension: MEG oscillatory findings"

Tuesday 15/10 10:30 am    ppm Tjerk Gutteling:

"Spatial profile of figure ground segregation"

+ ppm Geoff Brookshire:

"How does the brain coordinate attention during naturalistic eye-movements?"

Tuesday 08/10 11:00 am     Geoff Brookshire:

"How does the brain coordinate attention during naturalistic eye-movements?"

Tuesday 24/09 09:30 - 12:00      Sylvain Baillet workshop:

09:30 - 9:45      coffee and a few words by Ole Jensen

09:45-10:00      Tjerk Gutteling - How brain oscillations reflect the allocation of attention: support for cognitive load theory

10:05-10:20      Tamas Minarik - Optimal parameters of rapid frequency tagging

10:25-10:40      Yali Pan - Spatial attention during reading investigated with MEG

10:45-11:00      Hyojin Park - tba

11:05-11:20      Ling Liu - Neural dynamic underlying global precedence in visual perception

11:25-11:40      Barbara Berger - Dynamic allocation of cognitive resources in working memory through oscillatory coupling in the human cortex

11:45-12:00      general discussion and wrap up

Tuesday 10/09 11:00 am     George Parish:


"The Sync/deSync model : how a desynchronised neo-cortex & a synchronised hippocampus code memories" 

Tuesday 17/09 11:00 am     Ling Liu

Tuesday 16/07 11:00 am     Kelly Gartner:


"Investigating the sensitivity of the human striatum during the formation of visual priorities" 

Tuesday 09/07 11:00 am     Britta Ulrike Westner:


"Next stop source space: Low SNR signals and the interpretability of results in MEG decoding"

Tuesday 02/07 10:30 am     Ali Mazaheri:


"Unique Neurophysiological Vulnerability of Visual Attention Networks to Acute Inflammation

Tuesday 25/06 11:00 am     Ole Jensen:

"On the role of alpha for  routing and prioritizing information in the working brain: relation to metacognitive awareness and meditations experience" 

Tuesday 18/06

11:00 am     Nicholas Menghi:  

"Visual sampling and error correction in human performance"

13:00 pm     Xiaofang Yang:

"The role of Alpha-band oscillations during anticipatory gating of attention"

Tuesday 28/05 11:00 am     Ole Jensen:

'Introduction to minimum current estimates' 

Tuesday 21/05 11:00 am     Ole Jensen:


"Beamforming - theory and application" 

Tuesday 09/04 12:00 - 14:00     various:

CHBH talks MEG UK Cardiff:


Hyojin Park: "Multivariate information theory analysis reveals spatiotemporal properties of audiovisual speech integration"

Cecilia Mazzetti: "Methylphenidate normalizes modulation of motor-cortical beta oscillations in ADHD children​"

Poster pitch talk:

Alexander Zhigalov: "Probing cortical excitability using rapid frequency tagging" 


Tjerk Gutteling: "Attentional modulation and perceptual load investigated using Rapid Frequency Tagging"

Ana Pesquita: "The two-body problem: Alpha decreases over the right-temporal cortex during the perception of social actions (preliminary observations)"

Tuesday 02/04 11 am     Abraham Panameno:

"Auditory Verbal Hallucinations (AVH), differences in verbal predictions based on AVH susceptibility scores" 

Tuesday 26/03 11 am     

Discussing any MEG related/ project related issues

Tuesday 19/03 11 am     Oscar Ferrante:

"Neurophysiological correlates of history-driven distractor suppression"

Tuesday 12/03 11 am     Howard Bowman:


"The Theory and Practice of Breakthrough Percepts, with Application to Deception Detection on the Fringe of Awareness."

Tuesday 26/02 10 am     Ole Jensen:  


"How to do quality control for MEG"

Tuesday 12/02 11 am     Ole Jensen:

"Broadband frequency tagging and temporal response functions"


Tuesday 08/01 11 am     Petra Fischer:


"Cortico-basal ganglia gamma coupling and beta oscillations during movement initiation and inhibition."




- 2018 -



Tuesday 18/12 11 am:     *Christmas treats and jumper session*     Sang-Hoon Yeo:


"Low-Intensity Focused Ultrasound on Frontal Eye Field Modulates Human Saccade Behavior."



Tuesday 04/12 11 am     Oscar Ferrante:


"Statistical learning in visual attention: what is the role of brain oscillations?"



Tuesday 27/11 11 am     Sophie Hardy:


"Building language: Investigating the neural processes involved in syntactic binding."



Tuesday 20/11 13:00     Penny (Penelope) Lewis:


"Sleep, semantic memory and creative problem solving."



Tuesday 13/11 11 am     Linda Drijvers:


"Selective routing and integration of speech and gestural information studied by rapid invisible frequency tagging."



Tuesday 30/10 11 am     Wieske van Zoest:


"Neural signatures of visual control, measuring eye movements and EEG/ MEG"



Tuesday 23/10 11 am     Penny (Penelope) Lewis (postponed):


"Sleep, semantic memory, and creative problem solving."



Tuesday 16/10 11 am     Poppy Sharp:


"Modulation of alpha frequency by temporal processing goals and spatial attention."



Tuesday 02/10 11:30     Benedikt Zoefel:


"Oscillatory processes in the auditory system"



Tuesday 11/09 10 am     Yali Pan:


"Oscillatory activity underlying parafoveal reading"



Tuesday 04/09 10 am     Geoff Brookshire:


"Temporal prediction in perception and language comprehension."



Tuesday 21/08 11 am     Ole Jensen:


"FLUX pipeline: TFRs and multitapers." See also our Wiki page on calculating time-frequency representations of power using multitapers



Tuesday 14/08 11 am     Ole Jensen:


FLUX pipeline: 'time-frequency analysis; basics + FLUX'



Tuesday 09/08 11 am     Ole Jensen:


FLUX pipeline: 'planar gradiometers and magnetometers & event-related fields'



Tuesday 07/08 11 am     Ole Jensen:


'MEG analysis: How to get rolling with Fieldtrip using our FLUX pipeline'



Tuesday 31/07 11 am     Alexander Zhigalov:


'Phase coding in the visual system: neuronal processing coordinated by brain oscillations'



Tuesday 24/07 11 am     Kelly Garner:


'The role of cortical asynchrony during contextually driven behavioural variability: sensory likelihoods or optimal inference?'



Tuesday 17/07 11 am     Oscar Ferrante:


'Statistical learning of target selection and distractor filtering.'



Tuesday 10/07, 11 am     Andrew Corcoran:


'Savitzky-Golay filtering to improve individual alpha frequency estimation'



Tuesday 03/07 11 am     Anagh Pathak:


'A toy model of Cross Frequency Coupling'



Tuesday 26/06, 11 am     Ana Pesquita:


'People Watching: Brain oscillatory mechanisms of social perception.'



Tuesday 19/06, 11 am     Katharina Duecker:


'Entrainment of neuronal gamma-oscillations using rapid frequency tagging.'



Tuesday 19/06, 11 am     Tara van Viegen:


'Oscillatory power dynamics and behavioural adjustments after commission errors.'



Wednesday 06/06, 09:30 am     Rachel Upthegrove:


'Prediction in Auditory Verbal Hallucinations, a mixed methods study in young people who hear voices. Grant development’.



Tuesday 29/05, 11 am     Tjerk Gutteling:


'Frequency tagging in MEG studies.' 



Tuesday 22/05, 12 pm     Elisabet Alzueta:


'Beyond the self: the role of attention in self-face perception'.



Tuesday 22/05, 11 am     Robert Seymour:


'Dysregulated local oscillatory connectivity of the visual system in autism spectrum disorder'.



Tuesday 15/05, 11 am     Sean Fallon:


'Clearing the mind of irrelevant information: Differential effects of reward, drugs and Parkinson’s disease'.



Tuesday 01/05, 10 am     Uta Noppeney:


'The neural dynamics of Bayesian Causal Inference'.