Workshop: recent findings + future studies using RIFT

May 12, 2021 9:00 am / 12:00 pm

Workshop in collaboration with Ayelet Landau + Linda Drijvers



Linda Drijvers: Using Rapid Invisible Frequency Tagging to study audiovisual integration in interactive settings

Katharina Duecker: Oscillatory responses to sinusoidal and broadband frequency tagging: no entrainment, but a perceptual echo in the gamma-band

Noor Seijdel: Using RIFT to study the role of lower frequency oscillations in sensory processing and audiovisual integration

Leah Snapiri: Individual differences in optimal rhythms for performance

Eelke Spaak: RIFT decoding, phase as a tagging channel, and distractor inhibition versus target enhancement in visual search

Daniele Re: Rhythmic sampling in visual hierarchy 

Marion Brickwedde: RIFT for brain computer interfaces – a proof of principle

David Haslacher: t.b.a.

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