System Neuroscience Journal Club

System Neuroscience Journal Club

We hold a weekly Journal Club meeting on Tuesdays, 11:00 – 12:00*, open to anyone interested in System Neuroscience. We discuss a range of neuroimaging, electrophysiology and brain stimulation studies in humans and animals, with techniques ranging from MRI, fMRI, MEG, EEG, TMS and OPM.

It’s an informal meeting where exciting, interesting, and inspiring “fresh-from-the-press” published papers and pre-prints will be presented. We enjoy discussing the controversial aspects in different studies and looking at different perspectives.

Its aim is to keep us up to date with current happenings and to deepen our knowledge and understanding of recent developments in the field.

We run a hybrid mode in which you can choose whether to attend in person at the CHBH (Hippocampus room) or via Zoom.

Please click on the link to subscribe to meeting emails and feel free to email our Journal Club co-ordinator Alice Waitt for further information or if you have any queries:


*Note times will change to 11.30-12.30 from the 29th November 2022

Past JC sessions:

(other past sessions from 2022 can also be viewed on the page here)


Harry Cook


Helena Wright


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Yulia Bezsudnova


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Ole Jensen: Buzsáki discussion : ‘Ways to think about the brain’. For the recording of the talk please visit:


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 Catch up and identifying future papers to discuss. Please bring ideas and review the list on ‘Slack journal club’.


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02-03-2020: Note: You are kindly requested to please read the paper before the meeting.

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17-12-2019   ***Christmas edition***

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***For this special Christmas edition we also have the option to discuss one or more of the following according to taste and desire: ***

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 Distractor inhibition workshop (all welcome, please see here), no Journal Club.


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